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Environment pollution

The sight of hundreds of dying birds and seals is one that is unfortunately becoming more and more common. Over the past decade hundreds of oil tankers run aground off coastlines around the world, causing a huge amount of damage to wildlife and the environment.
All the damage occur due to the fact that people's negligence. Both shipwreck and contamination of some of factories cause sea pollution. All the reasons of pollution is where industrial facility in nearby the seas, transport of air, ship waste, shipwreck and people who make deliberately pollution. And this way, sea animals suffer from pollution even are lead to die. Some people havent realised this situation yet or they dont want to accept for constrast their profit but it must be found various solving ways otherwise if there isnt much of conscious, more than extinction of sea animals and some kind of imbalances it brings. In other words, beside sea animals are dying, this damage inevitably influence the others. I mean that ' the others' are where organisms are living in nearby.
Taking everyhing into account, action must be taken now to prevent further damage being done to an already fragile environment. It is time to end the needless suffering which is endured every year by thousand of helpless birds and animals.
To protect the nature is mission all of the people who live in this world. As long as people are concious, some of problems of environment pollution will be solved. Measure is end-point of all things. !